Biosensor Misnoma >?

I dont really understnad why but over at, they don’t really seem to have much to do with Biosensors, at least not in the modern sence, half of the website seems to be about interventions for circulatory problems whilst the other half  seems to focus on devices that help for fast drug delivery nad emergency care products. Surely as the first google result you’d have thought it might ahve something about biosensors in it.

Oh well another misnoma in the biosensor is this video. One of the first pieces of motion capture video this 1984 japanese clip was created by analysing the movement of tigers and trying to apply a virtual model to it.

Maybe its just that “Biosensors” as a word has changed over time ? I don’t know but maybe this has fuelled the evolution of theranomics and other hype words within the sciences


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