La Strega

Strega, Italian for witch is one of the more obscure italian liquers. It was first produced in the 1860’s in Benveneto, Italy. It gets its name from folklore stories local to the region which date back centuries saying that Benveneneto is the location wehre all of the witches in the world meet up.

Strega is a stilled blend of over 70 different herbs and is a reference to the mythical love potion that the witches would make whislt dancing around a walnut tree on the banks of the river sabato. As enchacnting as this tale is, Strega remains one of those liqueres it is evry difficult to get into cocktails its distinct balancing of flavours mean that  it features in very few cocktials of the few that i could find this seemed the best bet, a blenging of the richness of rye  with the bittersweet and aromatic notes from a blend of angosturas and calvados.


– 1 Shot Rye Whiskey

– 1 shot Calvados

– Martini Rosso

– 1/4 Shot Strega

– Angosturas bitters to taste

Another thing I love about La Strega is their publicity; they have produced some iof the most alluring and interesting early drinks posters:



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