When things Work

Many scientists accept that their work can be a grueling voyage which seems to leap from failure to failure, slowly chipping away at the options until we find something that works. From an outside perspective we can seem to glase over and get the overall impression that scienec is accellerating at such an astonishing rate that success is almsot guaranteed. 

Those of is working in research know that is rarely the case, but what can be done ? I recently was sent on a Stats course, which in Spite of its self was really interesting. It was basically about design of experiments and how we can optimize outcomes but it made me think about what we can do to ensure success.  I admit I have had a lot more free time of late, hence picking up this blog  but it has allowed me time to properly plan my experiments and be certain what Im looking for when I go into labs, this more considered approach, may mean less wasted experiments and hopefully better results. 

Maybe I will be part of this accellerating curve now, we can all hope !  


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