Eurovision drinking game

Ok so; its that time of year when people dust off their sparkly yeti boots and start attempting to hit that high note in Slovack or whatever godforsaken dialogue tehy have chosen by confusing their map for a dartboard and going with the cultural “heritage” of wherever it landed. 

Still the Eurovision Song Contest is the gateway drug for far flung eastern Bloc countriess to feel for one evening like tehy are fully fledged members of the EU; This year they can even join in with the greek banter and everything!  


Whislt all of this is going on however I believe drinking yourself into a mild gin-Coma is a sensible alternative so here are the hastily devised rules for a drinking game. 


But remember children; a “NORMAL!?” Adult does not exeed 3-4 Units a day ! 

Here are the rules, you must Drink If:

– Any flames on stage

– Presenters make a Joke that no-one laughs at/ try to sing badly/ make cringe-worthy statement

– If they say badly rhyming pun.

– Anyone on stage is wearing a codpiece.

– Everyone on stage is dressed Identically 

– Song has political metaphor, chains, cloaks etc.

– Key change in teh song.

– Singer trys to involve the audience

– Song From former USSR state is depressing.

-France does something wierd.

– BackupSingers Rap 

– Punch the air why hitting a High Note 

– Drops to their Knees 

– Anyone uses any ethnic instruments

– ANY use of air Guitar/ Other Instrument.

– Preview video of country has sweeping helicopter shots  

– Everytime your Country gets nil Points

– Down your drink if your country gets 12 points 

– there is really bad time delay and presenters talk over each other. 

– Every time Voice over person makes a bitchy comment 



Enjoy people!  and of course you can do this with international drinking Rules the whole time as well for added fun 





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