Genetic Racism in Eastern Europe

With Euro2012 going on and problems of racism surfacing in the former USSR it seems there has been a bit of an insurgance to both quell claims of racism and highlight it equally by various parties.  Though not in either host country of Poland or the Ukraine a story reported by Le Monde has highlighted a more pervasive “scientifc ” racism in neghbour Hungary.

Documents have come to light on a Right-wing Hungarian website of a clinic where you can get your genome identified to trace ethnic origins. Some amazing research has lead to the discoveries that 1% of the global population can directly trace their ancestry to Genghis Khan. It has also helped identify the rise and spread of early man.

this New development however is a shocking one in which people can get certified “No Jew/Romany/Other Minority status”. To what ends I would hate to know But the fact that after the destruction of WW2 many scientists made a mass exodus from the brutal phjysics which had enables nuclear munitions ( which arguably shortened the war). It lead to una great growth in life scientists a wider acceptance and appreciation of the natural world we live in.

For these efforts to once again be diverted towards rasist ideals is a horror story that goes to show no matter what happens History will repeat and People will always try to exploit science towards their own means.

This is indicative of why as scientists we have an ethical duty, everyone of us to not promote these ends and ensure the best outcome  of our work. Who knows maybe Im just an Idealist.


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