My first Paper: Electrochemical alternative to Computational Fluid dynamics

Again a very belated post But I thought I’d post a small discussion on my first Publication that made it out back in May 2014 in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society.  the paper is ‘Comparative Electrochemical Analysis of Two Flow Cell Systems’

This work came form a collaboration with mechanical engineering which really had  nothing to do with my PhD but was a few days work and looked interesting. In the article I developed a quick way of roughly estimating the performance of flow cells using a quick and accessible electrochemical technique.

The flow cells we had used were an off the shelf one provided by dropsens and one which had been developed by D.Pike (Uni of Leeds), . The latter of these had been designed using Computational flow dynamics and was predicted to be far superior, publication can be found here.

I came up with a method for assessing this performance, not only to corroborate CFD data but hopefully provide practical electrochemists a quick way of assessing flow cell performance without the need  of lengthy CFD Simulations.

The method is a bit rough and ready but for practical electrochemical like myself it is easy and accessible and shows a good correlation of the flow cell deisign and crucial flow parameters like volume taken for void exchange. I hope this provides useful for people if only in a preliminary experimental sense.


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